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Darwin Hybrid Tulip Daydream Bulbs

Key Data
Misc Wildlife Value
Area Frost Pockets, Scotland & The North
Colour Yellow/Gold
Flowering Apr, May

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Darwin Hybrid Tulip 'Daydream'

Darwin hybrid tulip 'Daydream' 

With an RHS AGM behind it, this tulip is a must-have, versatile addition to your mid-Spring border. When closed the huge flowers are a perfect pyramid shape on a strong, sturdy and erect stalks making them wind resistant and the real toughies of the tulip world. The Daydream element derives from the ability of the flower to change colour not only over its flowering period, but over a day. At some points it appears a warm lemon-yellow, then it morphs into apricot-orange, flushed with a rosy glow. Stare at it for long enough and you will soon be in your very own reverie. As with all Darwin hybrid tulips, the colours are glowing and brilliant and demand your attention. 

Perfect for borders

Daydream's luminescent and evolving colours shine through in the front to middle of a border and being a Darwin hybrid, it really is a perennial re-appearing year after year. An excellent combination is to grow them next to Ferula tingitana 'Cedric Morris' with its foliage being that iron-rich green of parsley. A good tulip to grow with it

for contrast in shape and colour is Tulip Lily 'White Triumphator' . At the same time planting 'Daydream' with the 'pheasant's eye' of Narcissus Actaea , a late, white daffodil, or emerging from a mass of the deep purple of  Muscari or Grape Hyacinth would work wonderfully too. Planting a drift of 'Daydream' in front of any dark evergreen hedge or topiary of Yew or Holly is a given. Grow this tulip for cutting too. The giant, long-lasting flowers make perfect florist's material and complement almost any interior colour scheme. 


  • Height: 55 cm
  • Colour: yellow to pale orange
  • Size of flower; up to 15 cm when open
  • Flowering: late April/May
  • Scent: slight
  • Size: 10/11 cm
  • Group: Darwin hybrid

Bits and bobs about Darwin tulip 'Daydream'

Darwin hybrid tulips are a cross between Fosteriana and Darwin tulips. The Fosteriana tulips were renowned for their brilliant, oriental colours while the Darwin tulips were part of the old Late Single class of tulip displaying giant flowers on strong stems. Although only bred in 1980 this tulip has a staunch fan base and some growers even claim that it is the official flower for 11th Wedding Anniversaries....a bit random but they have to start somewhere!

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