Winter Planting of Snowdrops in the Green

Snowdrops in the green are snowdrops that have been freshly lifted while in leaf and very possibly in flower. This is done because, providing they are transplanted quickly, they establish more readily than stored snowdrop bulbs. Snowdrops are on the CITES list of plants that are potentially endangered and you should therefore always make sure that the bulbs you by come from stocks that are grown specifically as flower bulbs for sale (as ours are) and not harvested from the wild.

Because these are plants in leaf, they require careful handling and rapid planting so they do not deteriorate. If you would like see more, browse our range of bulbs in the green. Remember you will need about 75 snowdrops per square metre. snowdrops

So the rules for planting bulbs in the green are as follows:

  • Choose a site in semi-shade where the bulbs will not dry out.
  • Ensure that the soil is rich in well rotted organic matter.
  • The planting area should be well prepared before your snowdrops are delivered to your doorstep.
  • Allow about 75 per square metre; snowdrops are best planted in drifts.
  • The bulbs themselves should be unpacked on receipt and not left in an airless container. Keep them cool and well ventilated. Lightly spray with water to keep the fresh until planting.
  • Plant as soon as possible after receipt, bulbs in the green deteriorate if not planted within 72 hours of arrival.
  • Snowdrops are best planted at the depth that they grew previously; this can easily be determined from the change in colour of the leaf stalks from white to green. White was underground. If in doubt 8-10 cms will be about right.
  • Snowdrops multiply rapidly and so should be planted to allow a little space for clumps to form.
  • Do not mow or cut snowdrop foliage until it has completely died down.
  • Lift and divide overcrowded clumps immediately after flowering.


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