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Delivery Sizes & Shapes - Fruit Trees

Fruit Tree Sizing & Shapes apple tree

The table below explains the delivery sizes of the fruit trees that we grow, like Apple, Pear, Plum or Cherry trees which are collectively known as "top fruit".

  • You can buy Cordons (apples & pears only as crop sizes are too small on stone fruit such as cherries and plums), Bushes and Half Standards to get a headstart on the most common fruit tree shapes.
  • A Maiden tree is a "blank slate" that you can train yourself into any shape you want.

Fruit Tree Shapes & Sizes For Sale Here
(sizes are approximate & see each tree for exact pricing)

Shape: Click names for more info.AgeApprox Size at deliveryFinal SizePrice RangeTree Types Sold in this ShapeUse

1 year

1-2 m


£11-16 All Can be grown into any size / shape.
Start with a maiden to train fans, espaliers etc on wires.
Cordon 2 years 90 cm + 2-3m £16-21 Apples & Pears only Grown Diagonally.
Wire trained.
Saves space.
Bush 2-3 years 1.5 m ~3m £16-24 All Freestanding Tree.
Lower branches for easy harvesting.
Half-Standard 3 years 1.5 m + 4m + £18-26 All Freestanding Tree.
Biggest starting size.
Grows into a full sized tree.


You can also buy apple and pear tree rootstocks if you want to graft your own.

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