Maiden Fruit Trees

What is a Maiden Fruit Tree? maiden tree

Buying Maiden Fruit Trees: All our bareroot fruit trees are available as Maidens and most are also sold in larger sizes. To see which trees are grown on which rootstocks have a look at our page on fruit tree rootstocks.

A maiden is a single stemmed young tree, ranging from 1-2 metres tall (approximately) when it's delivered. The stems are roughly a finger thick.

You can't grow new fruit trees of a particular variety from a seed. It doesn't work.
We have to take a cutting of new growth from an adult tree (a scion) and graft it onto the roots of a young tree (a rootstock).

One year after these have been grafted together, they will be joined firmly and you can plant them as a Maiden.

This means that the Maiden tree itself is only 1 year old, but the bits that made it were at least a year old before they were put together.
A Maiden is much bigger than a year old fruit tree grown from seed would be.

  • If you want to grow a wire-trained fruit tree like a fan or an espalier, you must start with a maiden tree.
You can train a Maiden into any trained or untrained shape you want. You have to wait a few years for your tree to grow up & make much fruit. Little trees will grow much faster if you remove the fruit from them for their first 2 years.
The cheapest way for you to buy fruit trees.  

Our Advice:

  • If you want to grow a restricted, wire trained fruit tree, you must use a maiden to start off with (except for cordons, we sell them ready made).

  • If you want a large, free standing fruit tree, the choice is open. You'll save money on the tree, but you'll spend morebuying fruit in the market while it grows and increases its yield!
    Start with a bush sized tree if you want to save space or a half standard sized tree if you want a "proper" tree.


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