Privet Hedge Plants

Privet Hedging - Ligustrum Ovalifolium

Privet is probably the best all round evergreen hedge plant for urban areas. It will thrive in compacted, polluted soil next to a main road and it tolerates more shade than almost any other hedge plant. In towns and semi-rural areas, green privet or the variegated golden privet would be the preferred choices. They are truly evergreen, work well as screening plants and can be clipped to make a smart formal hedge. They grow quickly and forgive over zealous use of hedge trimmers or shears. In the country, wild privet should also be considered. It is not as evergreen as the other two, shedding leaves in very cold winters, but it carries masses of black berries into the winter which are loved by birds. All varieties of privet can grow to 4 metres but hedges are best kept to about 2-3 metres. If it is not for you, then take a look at our other hedging plants.

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  1. Green Privet Hedging

    Privet, Green

    From £1.06
    Ligustrum ovalifolium - 40 - 100cms Bushes
    • Evergreen.
    • Excellent urban hedging.
    • Suitable for poor soil & full shade.
    • Max. Height: 4m
    • Year Round Delivery

  2. Golden Privet Leaves - Ligustrum ovalifoleum Aureum

    Privet, Golden

    From £1.09
    Ligustrum ovalifolium Aurem - 30 - 100cms Bushes
    • Yellow / green variegated leaves.
    • Excellent evergreen urban hedging.
    • Suitable for poor soil & partial shade.
    • Max. Height: 4m
    • Year Round Delivery

  3. Wild Privet leaf

    Privet, Wild

    From £1.06
    Ligustrum vulgare - 40 - 80cms Bushes
    • Native. Semi-evergreen.
    • Excellent country hedging for shady sites.
    • Max. Height: 4m
    • Bareroot Delivery Only: Nov-Mar.

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