Help With Buying Fruit Trees

The Basics of Buying a Fruit Tree

You can buy fruit trees in 3 or 4 sizes: delivery sizes are explained here.

Before you Buy Your Fruit Trees

When to plant fruit trees: Our full selection of fruit trees is delivered bareroot, during the winter season, for planting between November and March-April. We also stock a range of pot-grown fruit trees for delivery during the rest of the year.

Preparation: It is ideal to prepare the soil well in advance of planting by killing the weeds, digging the soil over to remove stones etc and adding in some well rotted manure / compost. If you do nothing else, be sure to destroy all weeds & remove the grass in a metre wide square around the base of the tree.

Pollination Partners: We sell a range of self-fertile fruit trees, but many trees require another tree to pollinate them - pollination is explained here.

Receiving and Planting Your Fruit Trees

When your fruit trees arrive, check to make sure that you have received what you ordered and that you are satisfied with its quality. Contact us if there is anything wrong and we will sort it out.
We recommend that you plant your fruit trees as soon as possible, but if there is going to be a delay, please read our advice on storing your plants.

Planting your Fruit Trees: Our planting video on big trees will explain how to plant both bushes and half-standards. You will need a stake and a special tree tie with a rubber spacer to support your tree for its first year or two. A hemp-fibre mulch mat is also very useful. It will keep weeds down and help to conserve soil moisture while your tree is establishing.
If you are planting a maiden, it doesn't need to be supported by a stake or, if you are training it into a fan or espalier, on wires at first. A cordon is grown on wires from the start.

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