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Platanus acerifolia Trees - Large Standards - Delivered by Mail Order from the Nursery with a 1 Year Guarantee

Platanus acerifolia, the London Plane tree, is a large, sweeping tree with a big round canopy. It is very tolerant of regular pruning, so it is also a common street tree.
Platanus acerifolia can reach a height of about 35 metres.
Standard trees are the largest size that we deliver; you can also buy younger London Plane saplings here. We grow Oriental Plane trees as well.

How Standard Trees are Measured:
All the plants in the ornamental trees section are graded as standards, which means that they are measured by their girth in centimetres 1 metre above ground level (basically, their trunk's waist measurement). They aren't measured by their height, which will vary. So, a 6/8 standard has a trunk with a circumference of 6-8 centimetres and an 8/10 standard has a trunk 8-10 centimetres around. This measurement makes no difference to the tree's final height.
Standard trees are 2 - 3.5 metres tall (on average) when they arrive; they are the most mature trees that you can buy from us. We cannot tell you precisely how tall your trees will be before we deliver them.

General description of Platanus acerifolia trees:
The London Plane is a large, fast growing, spreading, deciduous tree. It is in flower in May and, depending on the location, the distinctive seed balls ripen from October to March. The sinuous stature of the Plane and its attractive bark, which peels off in large plates revealing patches of creamy white and green have also made it a popular choice for many large gardens and country parks. In cities and towns the tree is often pruned, but where it is allowed to grow freely, it will make a magnificent round crown with large twisting branches.

History & uses of London Plane:
You may see the London Plane listed as either Platanus acerifolia or Platanus hispanica. It's history is a little uncertain: it is a hybrid of American and Oriental planes and it probably appeared naturally in Spain during the 1600's.

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