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Merryweather Damson Trees

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Misc Multi Purpose, Pollinator, Self fertile
Fruiting Late Season
Type Cooking

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Merryweather Damson

Merryweather is a heavy cropping tree that yields the largest blue, plum-sized damsons.

They can be eaten raw or cooked and are particularly good for jams, pickles and - of course damson gin and brandy. Merryweather is self-fertile and an excellent pollinator. The crops ripen through September dependingon location and weather. Of all the damsons, this is probably the easiest/most reliable and is the variety we would recommend if you are just starting out on your damson growing career.....

All damsons like a sunny spot. They should be planted in well drained soil that contains plenty of organic matter and they respond really well if you use Rootgrow when planting them. They will need simple pruning over the year, just make sure never to do this when the tree is dormant. Any fruit with the word Prunus in its latin name shoud be pruned in late spring or in the summer. 

We think this is the easiest damson to use if you are making jam because the fruit are larger than most and come away from the flesh reasonable easily. 

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Please note that our 2 year old half standard trees and our one year old maiden  trees are on St Julien A rootstocks, whilst our two year old bush size trees are on a Pixy rootstock.

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