Myrtle's Folly Fimbriated Dahlias

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Shade Full Sun
Area Scotland & The North
Soil Good, Well Drained
Colour Apricot/Orange Shades, Pink - Light, Purple, White/Cream, Yellow/Gold
Type Pot Grown, Rooted Cutting, Tuber
Flowering Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct, Nov

Dahlia fimbriata Myrtle's Folly

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Dahlia Myrtle's Folly

If you want a flower that the neighbours will be jealous of, try Dahlia Myrtle's Folly - it's a showstopper! Apart from its huge size (flowers up to 20cm wide), it's the form that is really different, but if you like your dahlias a little more subtle then do check out our full range as there's bound to be something there to suit you.

The narrow twisted petals or Myrtle's Folly are split at the ends, giving a fuzzy, powderpuff-like appearance. This sets off its fabulous blend of colours, from deep pink and mauve to light orange, gold and coral, with a yellow centre as the bloom ages.

These fantastic flowers are set above dark green foliage - nothing can compete with such foolishness!

How to use Myrtle's Folly

You can use Myrtle's Folly in the middle/back of the border but be sure to choose a sheltered spot away from strong winds and stake well. It's best surrounded by dark or plain green foliage or tall grasses, as the flowers can be too much when mixed with lots of other shapes. It's best in groups of five for a good show.

It also has excellent stems for cutting and the flowers are long-lasting, if you pick them fully open - imagine three of those blooms in a large vase or arrangement.

Myrtle's Folly, was introduced in 1998, and is still widely used as an exhibition dahlia; it is extremely popular with judges and growers alike.

Features of Myrtle's Folly

  • Colour: A blend of pinks, oranges and yellows
  • Foliage: Green divided leaves
  • Flower Size: 20cm
  • Type: Fimbriated Decorative
  • Cutting: Yes
  • Height/Spread: 1.2m x 60cm
  • Flowering: July to November
  • Planting Months: End February to July

Did You Know...

Myrtle's Folly is a member of the Decasplit or Fimbriated group of Decorative Dahlias meaning the end of its florets (petals) are split in two.

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