Peat-free MulchPeat-free Mulch

RocketGro Organic, Peat Free Mulch

Soil Association Approved

The details

  • Organic, Soil Association Approved
  • No live seeds or animal products
  • Spread on the soil surface to suppress weeds & slow release nutrients.
  • Worms LOVE it!
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RocketGro Organic Mulch

RocketGro Magic Mulch is made from digestate fibre, a by-product of renewable energy production that supercharges your soil's fertility, structure and living organisms. RocketGro is so rich that no other fertiliser is needed for the vast majority of garden uses. In trials, local farmers nicknamed it 'Rocket Fuel'.

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  • Organic & Peat free
  • Soil Association Approved
  • No live seeds or animal products
  • Long term & slow release fertility & humus
  • Best time to mulch over the soil is in Spring when the soil is moist and warm - hoe any early weeds first.
  • Worms absolutely love it: perfect for gardeners and fishermen

The parent company of RocketGro is Somerset based Cannington Enterprises. Our rigorous scientific studies show that worms will hitch-hike, hang-glide, and sometimes teleport from the future to get their hands on this mulch.

As with all peat free composts, regular watering and feeding with general purpose fertiliser will ensure best results.