'Provanto' Fruit Tree Greasebands: 5 metres

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The details

  • Prevent winter moths laying their eggs.
  • Organic control
  • Also stops earwigs and ants
  • One pack is enough for 10-12 medium trees
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Boltac Greasebands for Fruit Trees 

Greasebands are more effective on younger fruit trees with smooth bark: if your trees are older & have uneven trunks, you will need to apply tree grease by hand.

Each pack contains 5m and some garden twine. You will need a pair of scissors.

These organic pest barriers prevent three main pests:

  1. A variety of wingless female winter moths, which emerge from the soil and climb fruit trees in early winter to lay their eggs; their caterpillars eat leaves and fruit.
  2. Earwigs.
  3. Ants, which aren't pest themselves but protect aphids and scale insects.

Using Grease Bands Against Winter Moth Caterpillars 

Full instructions are included with every pack.
In autumn, cut the greaseband to length, wrap it sticky side outwards around the trunks of your fruit trees, above the tree tie. 

Watch our quick video on applying greasebands.

Greasebands Against Earwigs and Ants

To trap earwigs, ants and other crawling pests, apply between May and September. 

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