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Duchess of Albany Clematis Plants

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The details

Clematis texensis

  • Tulip-shaped, rose-pink flowers
  • Upward facing blooms
  • Seed heads in winter
  • Mild scented
  • Repeating Jul-Oct
  • Type: Texensis
  • Habit: Climber
  • Pruning group 3
  • Grows to 2.5m x 1.5m
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About Clematis texensis 'Duchess of Albany':

Clematis texensis 'Duchess of Albany' is a beautiful late flowering Clematis that produces graceful and delicate tulip shaped flowers around 5cm across.

Coloured rose-pink with deeper red bars, the blooms fade in autumn to reveal lovely silky seed heads remain well into winter, providing a wonderfully long season of interest. Its lovely dense foliage means they are capable of quickly covering supports.

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Great for your garden:

'Duchess of Albany' is best planted in a sheltered spot in sun or partial shade. It is self clinging and will happily climb up wires on walls, trellises or frames.

It belongs to pruning group 3 meaning that it its semi-herbaceous and is cut to nearly ground level every year. This means it never gets too large for its supports and so can be trained through more delicate trees and shrubs without it becoming too much of a burden on its host.

It also makes a fantastic ground cover plant if left to scramble, and with its lovely nodding flower heads facing upwards towards the sun looks really attractive.

It is such a strong performer in the garden that it has been awarded the RHS Award of Garden Merit.

'Duchess of Albany' characteristics.

  • Flower colour: Deep rose-pink
  • Flower shape: Small, tulip-shaped, upward facing
  • Fragrance: Mild
  • Repeating: No
  • Approximate flowering season: July - October
  • Final height and spread: 2.5m x 1.5m
  • Type: Texensis
  • Habit: Climber
  • Pruning group 3

Look out for:

As with all clematis aphids may be a problem. Spray if infestations get really bad.


'Duchess of Albany' belongs to the family of plants known as Clematis texensis. These clematis were native to Texas, USA, and were bought Europe in the late 1800s. They immediately captured the interest of plant breeders and it was the legendary clematis breeder Arthur George Jackman who was responsible for this particular hybrid.

It was introduced to the market in 1890 and still enjoys immense popularity today... and with its gorgeous nodding bells its easy to see why!

Images supplied by Clematis on the Web.

Planting and Care Instructions

How to grow Clematis texensis 'Duchess of Albany':

Clematis texensis 'Duchess of Albany' can be grown easily following the Clematis planting guide. Pruning is essential.

  • Prefers sun or partial shade in a sheltered spot away from strong wind
  • Happy in any well drained but moist, fertile soil
  • Can be grown over a trellis or frame
  • Can be trained through smaller more delicate ornamental trees such as Amelanchier lamarckii or over Pyrus salicifolia pendula
  • Can be planted direct into a bed or border as a ground cover plant and left to scramble

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