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Galanthus Nivalis

Our Snowdrops in the Green are grown in the UK specifically for the purpose of being lifted and sold in the green. These are our single snowdrops - Galanthus nivalis but we sell double snowdrops as well. Snowdrops are one of the earliest plants to flower and do well in moist ground containing plenty of organic matter.

The great advantage of buying bulbs in the green is that they are freshly lifted and a number of bulb species, including snowdrops establish better if they are lifted and replanted as quickly as possible while in growth.

The corresponding disadvantage is that they really do need to be planted within a few days of lifting otherwise they deteriorate rapidly. We therefore restrict our shipping dates to February and early March when the bulbs are at their best. Your bulbs are lifted immediately before despatch and are sent to you so they arrive with you on a Thursday or Friday in time for planting that week-end.

If this appeals to you then you you might like to take a look at the rest of our range of bulbs in the green.

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