Permatex Weed Control Fabric

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Type Hedge Planting Kit

Polypropylene Mulch

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Weed control fabric is strongly recommend for use with hedging plants that are planted in places where regular weeding and watering will not be practical. It is not a replacement for watering in dry weather, but as well as preventing weed growth it acts as a mulch and so will allow more time between each watering. Remember that dryness & competition from weeds are the 2 major killers of young hedges. Using the fabric could not be easier. You just cut down the weeds where you intend to plant (not needed in grassland) and then lay the fabric down the line you intend to plant. Tuck the edges intto the ground with a spade and then cut slits where you intend to plant your hedging. No spraying, no lifting of turf.

If you are planting a garden hedge where watering and weeding won't be much of a chore, then you only need to use weed control material if you want your hedge to be extra low maintenance. 

So the principal benefits of using this fabric are that it will:

  • Preserve soil moisture
  • Keep the weeds down
  • Last for many years
  • There is no need to kill weeds before planting.

Weed control fabric can be held down with plastic pegs or by tucking the edges into the soil with a spade.

Please note that these are just the rolls of fabric without pegs - if you want pegs too, you can buy these rolls with the right number of pegs here.


Bareroot planting is best done between October and April
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