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Weed suppression kits - Fabric & Pegs

Weed suppression kits help protect your newly planted hedge against weeds. These are the number one enemy of a young hedges - they compete (very effectively) for moisture and kill more hedging whips than rabbits, deer and disease combined.

Once the hedge has established it will cast enough shade to kill weed seedlings and its roots will have gone deep enough to be able to find moisture in the driest summer (not that we have many of those).

For the first couple of years after planting however, it is important to keep weeds at bay, and the simplest way of doing that is to use polypropylene fabric held down with pegs or with its edges tucked into the ground with a spade. To see how to use weed suppression fabric the best thing to do is to watch our film on how to plant a country hedge.

Each pack contains the stated length of weed prevention fabric (all lengths are 1 metre wide) plus 2 pegs per metre run.

Mulch fabric is strongly recommend for use with hedge plants that are planted in places were regular weeding and watering will not be practical. It is not a replacement for watering in dry weather, but it will allow you to leave more time between each watering.
If you are planting a garden hedge where watering and weeding won't be much of a chore, then you only need mulch fabric if you want your hedge to be extra low maintenance.

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