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The hedging plants and young trees in this section are sold in sizes between 1- 5 feet / 30cm - 175cm tall. All measurements are the height above ground level. For example, a 60/80 hedge plant is between 60cms and 80cms tall, measured from the ground to the tip of its tallest stem after planting. As a general rule, young hedging plants (or hedging whips) establish faster than bigger ones. If you are planting a hedge or wood where it will be difficult to give regular aftercare, buy smaller sizes. If you are planting trees or hedges where tending them will be easy, then you can buy taller, more mature or instant hedging plants and get a head start.

Bareroot hedge plants are cheaper and easier to handle when planting. Bareroot stock is delivered during winter and spring (Nov-early May) when the plants are dormant. If you want to buy hedging plants outside the winter months, then we have pot-grown plants for year round delivery. The most economical bareroot hedging for sale are our packs of 50 or 250 native hedging plants and you can also buy discounted packs of 50 Hornbeam, Beech and Hawthorn. If you are not sure what to do our 5 minute videos on planting country hedges and formal hedges should answer most questions about bareroot plants and planting. The things a new hedge needs most are: water in dry weather and protection from weeds and vermin.

Our quality trees. Whatever trees plants or shrubs you choose they are likely to be with you for many years to come. A yew hedge can literally last 1,000 years. Weak, weedy or diseased hedging will struggle to establish and will cause more trouble in the long run than strong, healthy quality hedge plants. So wherever you buy, choose a UK hedging supplier that grows well, lifts regularly, has proper cold store facilities and that guarantees its stock though the growing season following planting.

For ease of selection you will find our hedging plants in the following categories:

Coastal Hedging

Evergreen Hedging

Hedging Packs

Native Hedging

Or you can browse our complete range of hedging plants here.

And please consider using Rootgrow to promote rapid establishment, mulch fabric to suppress weeds and canes and spirals if you have vermin such as rabbits.

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