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Having written about what you think of us and the reasons why you shop with us (the majority of you indicated that it was due to the high quality of our plants), how happy you are with our advice and dealing with us (over 90% were satisfied), a further question asked whether you knew what other plants we produced ...




  • However, not all of you knew that we produced wallflowers, sweet peas, other flowers such as cosmos, herbs and Christmas trees - for some people including my sister-in-law they have been collecting presents all year round in preparation for Christmas and have done most of their shopping before the end of October!


You also responded that you would like to have recommended collections of plants and flowers, trees for smaller gardens, recommended planting schemes, alternative or additional plants that would work well together and a calendar of planting times. We're working on collections and recommendations or what works well together, however here is a calendar of planting times:

This is based on my own personal experience, in Wiltshire, and it will of course vary according to your location and the weather variations, but it will give you a good idea of what to plant and when. Last week we gave you a calendar of spring bulbs flowering times, which again vary so much from location and also the varieties within each species. Bulbs and the spring blossom in London arrive about two months before we get apple, pear of cherry blossom in Wiltshire. So, if you live in Scotland, the planting times may be a bit different!

I would also say that you should check each plant for their exact planting times (which is available on our website), as this is just a guide and some species may prefer a slightly different planting time.

You can also pre-order for delivery at the optimum time - when the weather is right, to plant (By the bye, we don't take payment until nearer the time of dispatch).

My wife has a calendar of when she planted or sowed all the plants in our garden, when the flowers or vegetables were cut or harvested, what jobs she did that month, what needed doing and so on - it's a rather large document, but is incredibly useful to refer back to - each year.

I hope that this will give you an overview of and guide to what needs planting and when.


Happy gardening


Mark Cadbury




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