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Autumn: Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness


Flower displays with autumn cuttings

You don't need flowers to create lovely displays of autumn cuttings

A guest blog from our good friend (and florist!) Georgie Newbery.

My name's Georgie Newbery and I run an artisan floristry and flower farming business near Wincanton in Somerset. And like you I'm looking at my garden now it's late September and mourning the end of the lush flowering in the borders.

But I'm not wondering what to cut to bring into the house, because at this time of year the hedgerow and the shrubs in all our gardens are beginning to turn the most fantastic colours.

There are berries and there's Old Man's Beard, the ivy flowers are forming, the apples are ripening – if you look away from your borders and around the boundaries of your garden you'll find any number of great things to cut and bring into the house.

These cut flower ideas comes from our friends at Common Farm Flowers. British-grown flowers by post, flower arranging workshops and flowers for weddings, all year round.


Displays of autumn fruit cuttings

Autumn fruit displays can be equally as
enchanting as cut flowers

So, first thing, ingredients:

  • Oak (it's a great year for acorns)
  • Apples on the bough and off (it's a great year for fruit too)
  • Wild dogwood goes the most fantastic aubergine colour at this time of year
  • Any good coloured foliage – field maple and lime leaves both go startling yellow, and then there's red oak, liquidambar, a whole range of maples...
  • Old Man's Beard – I love its old name, Traveller's Joy
  • Blackberries
  • Guelder rose berries
  • The last of the garden flowers – here we used dahlias.
  • We used cineraria, but any silvery or variegated foliage will help lift your arrangement from potential doldrum. A variegated dogwood or euonymus will do very well.

utter churn autumn display

Longer boughs and branches, plus
a suitable container, equals
height and impact

Then let your imagination run riot. Apples can be wired to hang back on the branch if, like some of ours, they insist on falling off. Think colour and texture and don't worry if you're lacking flowers.

We had a play and came up with these...

Autumn fruit ceiling display

Autumn fruit ceiling display (you might need
to wire up the apples... they tend to fall!)




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