Composting (Video)

How and Why You Should Make Your Own Compost

Composting is the best way to feed your garden plants. All you need to do is throw your rubbish into your compost heap from the garden. Kitchen food waste is fine too, just chuck it in and your compost will happen all on its own.

Take a look at our composting video below...


I’m Andi from Ashridge Nurseries and we’re going to have a lovely look at this compost, which looks beautiful. We're just going to scrape a bit of the top off. And if we have a look, oh that's beautiful! That's really nice compost. We're going to use this for mulching. It's early spring, late winter, which is the perfect time to do this.

If you don't have a compost heap, I'd really encourage you to get one. Composting is by far the best way to feed your garden and it's free. So all you've got to do really is throw your rubbish in here from the garden. Not out of the house, but the kitchen waste is fine - home cooked food. And that could just go in here and it’ll just happen all on its own.

Composting is an entirely natural process. You don't really have to do anything. Like our compost heap at home at the moment is literally a pile of stuff behind a large shrub. And everybody could do that. We leave it until it rots down until it's pretty much gone. I guess this is maybe 12 months old.

It's absolutely beautiful. And it's by far the very, very best thing to put on your garden to feed your plants.

Frankie asks the question: “Andi, I've got a compost heap at home, and I put a lot of my lawn cuttings on it. Is that okay to put as many lawn cuttings as you want on them?”

Andi’s reply: “Composting your grass is entirely fine. And often we do have a lot of it, so it's all right to pile it right up. What it'll do is it settles down, it presses the air out and then turns into this thing called anaerobic, which is different bacteria and different fungus that rots the grass, and really that's just rotting it anyway, and it's perfectly fine to use after that's rotted down.

So don't shy away from that and don't think, oh well, I can't compost because I've got too much grass cuttings, just chuck it in your heap and it’ll rot down just like everything else.

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