Potting up Herb Plugs (Video)

How to Pot your Herb Plugs

In the video below, Andy our head nurseryman will show you what you'll get when you order herb plugs from us.

You will need your herb plugs, a 9cm pot, and water.


We're going to show you what to do when you get your herbs from Ashridge Nurseries. So this is what they'll come in. You've got six plugs in a black plastic sleeve. They'll just about fit through that letterbox. You'll have a label on the front and then just open it up and then you'll have 6 herbs, or whatever you’ve ordered.

So we've got three rosemary and three thyme. So this is the rosemary and it’s got three or four good shoots on each plant. They'll make a nice bushy plant as soon as its planted out. And these are the thyme. These will have taken six months to get to this stage. There's two cuttings per plug, or they've been trimmed a couple of times. So you've got a nice bushy plant to start off with instead of a stick.

We're going to pot the plugs up into pots. Grab your pot and grab your plug. These are 9cm taupe pots, these are recyclable, so once you finished with them, these will go into the recycling bin.

Get your good quality compost and fill your pot up. Give it a quick tap and put a bit more in. Put a couple of fingers in and then plant your herb and just make it stand just slightly proud. Once it's watered in, it'll settle down. We’ll do exactly the same with the rosemary. Fill the pot, tap it a little bit more, put your finger in and plant it slightly proud.

They'll go on the windowsill. You'll have enough room on the window for a few pots and you can use these all through winter, just take the tips and then in the spring, once they're finished, they can go outside.

So once they’re planted, just give them a quick splash of water, let them settle down, and then they can go in the kitchen windowsill, make sure you put a tray underneath them.

If they’re left inside, water them once a week, a little bit of feed. If you put them straight outside, just give them a water, and they should be fine - just keep an eye on them. In the spring and summer, keep on watering them as you would normal plants.

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