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Beekeeping tips for February
Julian Bosdari 18 Jul 2016

The biggest danger at this time of year is starvation, so make sure you have a patty of white sugar fondant (without additives) as close to the brood cluster as possible. Inspect weekly and replace if necessary. Don’t worry! I have never seen a fat bee. Heft (weigh) your hives weekly...

Beekeeping tips for May
18 Jul 2016

YOUR BEES IN MAY That warm weather in mid April fooled everybody.  In last month’s beekeeping tips I warned that there might be some early swarming, and there has been. If your colony swarms, half of your workforce will fly away, which will seriously affect your honey crop for t...

Beekeeping tips for January
18 Jul 2016

So far, here in the south, the winter has been unusually mild with daffodils in bloom in early December, and blackthorn blossom appearing in some places as well. Under these circumstances, complacency becomes the  easiest skill to acquire, but in truth this spells danger for our bees, as ...

Beekeeping tips for March
18 Jul 2016

Normally at this time of year, I would say that ‘it is all about to kick off’, but in many ways, this year, it already has. As soon as the sun comes out and the temperature is reasonable, the bees will take pollen into the hives, and have been doing so for many weeks now. That is...

Beekeeping tips for May (2016)
18 Jul 2016

Beekeeping Tips May 2016 Last month I was talking about opening your hives for the first inspection, and touched on swarming. The season has been so slow getting started here in the south, that swarming has been the last thing on the minds of my bees. One thing is for sure, if there are no drone...

Beekeeping tips for July (2016)
18 Jul 2016

Beekeeping tips July 2016 The weather in Britain is infinitely variable and affects beekeeping as much as it does gardening. As so many forage sources are late this year, the June Gap really meant something for a change, especially here in the south. Many beekeepers were caught out, and some col...

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