Birds in the Garden - Early Spring

Michael’s Early Spring Wildlife Garden Tips bird

1. Get a balance of tidiness in your garden - fallen leaves provide good habitat for insects. Not only will the invertebrate life benefit but remember almost all birds feed their young on insects. Just don’t do this in rose borders and orchards where fallen leaves harbour fungal diseases such as Rose Blackspot  and apple and pear scab

2. Aim for a chemical free garden - not always easy, but take time to look for native species and natural solutions. And remember – soapy water really does work with greenfly…

3. If you haven't done so already, put some nesting boxes up. They will provide good opportunities for nesting birds and great joy for you.

4. Provide nesting material - I use hair groomed from the dog and it all gets used.

5. No pond? Time to plan one - any size will do and you will provide your garden with a stage. (Our pond has been in for four years and we have frogs, toads, newts, dragonfly, fish, snails and goodness knows what else – Ed)

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