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Grenadier Apple Trees

Key Data
Misc Pollinator, Self fertile
Area Frost Pockets, Scotland & The North
Pollination Group Pollination Group C
Fruiting Early Fruiting
Type Cooking

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Malus domestica Grenadier - Cooking Apples

Grenadier is an early cooker, ripening in mid-August. It was discovered in about 1800 although it is no longer widely grown. This is probably because it is not especially pretty being a rather ribbed, harsh green thing.

Just remember cooking apples are grown for their taste, not their looks, and this is absolutely one of the best. Which is why it holds an RHS Award of Garden Merit. It cooks down to a fantastic flavour in a smooth puree. And try it in blackberry and apple jam you will never use another... Grenadier is also quite an easy apple tree to grow in the garden, being reliable, resistant to the common apple diseases, and not likely to grow as vigorously as a Bramley.

Growing your own is also the easiest way to get it at its best as Grenadier apples should be eaten fresh and you can pick it over a number of weeks. So if you want to make a light English-style apple pie for a summer picnic then Grenadier is exactly what you need.

It is a mid-season flowering pollinator and so needs to be grown in the company of another pollinator or self-fertile apple for both to fruit. For more information on apple pollination and for suitable pollination partners for Grenadier, please take a look at our Guide to Fruit Pollination

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