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Merton Bigarreau Cherry Tree (Prunus avium Merton Bigarreau)Merton Bigarreau Cherry Tree (Prunus avium Merton Bigarreau)

Merton Bigarreau Cherry Trees

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The details

  • Eating.
  • Dark red-black.
  • Self Sterile.
  • Pollination Group C.
  • Crops in Late July.
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Prunus Merton Bigarreau - Mid Season

Description of Merton Bigarreau Trees & Cherries:
Merton Bigarreau cherries are dark red-black, firm, sweet and rich. The trees are vigorous, reliable and heavy cropping.

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  • Self Sterile.
  • Pollination Group C.
  • Crop in Late July.

Pollination Partners for Merton Bigarreau Cherries:
Your trees must be pollinated to make fruit.
Van, Amber Heart, Colney, Penny, Stella, Summer Sun, Sunburst, and Sweetheart are all good pollination partners.

Our Merton Bigarreau cherry trees are all grown on "Colt" rootstocks.
Maximum height 4 metres.

Growing Merton Bigarreau Cherry Trees:

Rich soil is important - dig in plenty of good manure and compost before planting.
Soil drainage must be good.
The more sun your trees get the better your crops will be.
Cherry trees are targets for birds, so netting them is a good idea.
Only prune cherry trees in Summer.

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History & Parentage:
Bred at the John Innes Horticultural Institute in 1924, crossed from Knights Early Black and Napoleon Bigarreau.