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Hellens Early Perry PearHellens Early Perry Pear

Hellens Early Perry Pear Trees

Pyrus communis Hellens EarlyPlant guarantee for 1 year

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  • Reliable, heavy cropper
  • Best perry when blended with other varieties like Brandy or Cannock
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Pyrus Hellens Early Pears

Description of Hellens Early Pear Trees & Fruit:

This reliable, heavy cropping tree is a good choice if you are making pear cider (perry) and want to grow some other perry pear trees as well. By itself, the fruit will make a perfectly drinkable, tangy perry, but it is best combined with other varieties. If you blend it with Brandy or Cannock pears, you will get a really full bodied drink. Hellens Early is a vigorous, heavy cropping tree.

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Characteristics of Hellens Early Trees:

  • Perry
  • Self Sterile.
  • Pollination Group D
  • Spur Bearer: suitable for cordons & training on wires.
  • Harvest: September

Pollination Partners for Hellens Early:
Please note that Hellens Early is a triploid, which means that it cannot pollinate other pear trees and needs another pear to pollinate it. It can be pollinated by trees in groups C and D.
Please see our guide to Pollinating Pear Trees for a full list of partners for Hellens Early.

Growing Hellens Early Pear Trees:
The more sun your trees get the better your crops will be. Rich soil is important - dig in plenty of good manure and compost before planting. Drainage must be good and you should always use Rootgrow.