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Alberic Barbier - RamblingAlberic Barbier - Rambling

Alberic Barbier Rose Bushes

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The details

  • Height: 6m
  • Colour: Creamy-white
  • Shape: Full Double
  • Scent: Strong
  • Flowering period: Once in summer
  • Type: Rambler
  • RHS Award of Garden Merit
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Alberic Barbier Rambling Rose

Alberic Barbier is a lovely, large rambling rose. Its pale yellow buds open into clusters of scented double, creamy-white flowers that cover the plant and are offset wonderfully by its small, glossy, almost evergreen leaves. Although not a huge rose like Kiftsgate or Wedding Day, Alberic Barbier is a strong grower, and as such is ideal for covering unsightly garden sheds, fences or for growing into small trees or large shrubs.

It does this covering job especially well because it holds its leaves for longer than most roses - often into late December - and it is one of the best roses to grow on a north facing wall. Very useful indeed which is why Alberic Barbier is one of the many roses on our list to hold the Royal Horticultural Society's Award of Garden Merit. In the right position it can easily reach 20ft / 6m.

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Planting Instructions

How to plant Alberic Barbier Rambling Roses

Plant 18-24 ins away from the support on which it will climb. A shaded spot for the roots is fine provided that there is sunlight above. So growing over a pergola or into a hedge, large shrub or small tree is fine but this rose is too small to tackle clambering through a large tree although it will cover a garden shed. Dig a hole deep enough to allow the graft to finish at soil level when planted and with plenty of room for the roots. Improve the soil from the hole by removing large stones, weeds, roots and other rubbish and mixing in plenty of well rotted compost or manure. Spread Rootgrow mycorrhizal fungi over the bottom of the hole so it will make contact with the roots. If planting a pot grown plant gently loosen some of the roots before planting.

Position it so the roots are spread out and it is growing at approximately the same level in the soil as it was before being transplanted. Backfill the hole with the planting mix, firming it down as you go. Water in thoroughly. Water again a day or two later and then keep watering in dry spells.

Alberic Barbier can be ordered at any time - bareroot for planting between November to April, or pot grown for the summer.