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Spiral Tree Guards

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Clear Plastic Perforated Spiral Guards for Sapling Trees

Spiral guards are effective against rabbits nibbling through the trunks of young trees - a row of young hedge plants is like a set dinner for your local bunnies - and offering some protection against deer. Please note that every spiral needs a cane for support unless the plant is already staked or well established.

These are necessary to protect Hedging Plants and sapling trees. Use heavy duty tree guards for standard trees, large fruit trees or mature trees that you already have.

Here is a top tip if you have never used rabbit spirals before. They will arrive with you in rolls or nests of 5 although the prices shown are per spiral. There is a knack to separating them and it is easy to think you have been short delivered when in fact two just got stuck together. So here is a very short, rather windblown video on how you take a nest of five spirals apart.

If you prefer written instructions, this is what you do: Assuming you are right-handed, hold a roll of rabbit spirals in your left hand. Insert the index and second finger of your right hand into the coiled spirals. Splay your fingers so they grip the inside and twist the spirals. Some batches are coiled one way and some the other, so you may have to try turning them both clockwise and anti-clockwise. In one direction you will feel the spiral on the inside of the nest suddenly loosen and become very easy to pull out of the middle of the roll. Repeat the process four times and you have five separated spirals. There is a knack to this, but you should get it very quickly.

Health warning: Spirals are a cheap product made from recycled plastics. The manufacturing process can leave sharp edges and so we advise care when handling. Most professional planters wear the light cotton gloves with latex/rubber fingers and palms that are available from any hardware store, eBay, etc

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