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Biodegradable SpiralsBiodegradable SpiralsBiodegradable Spirals

Biodegradable Spiral Guards

Protects New Trees & Hedging Against AnimalsFeefo logo

The details

  • Green Perforated Spiral Guards
  • 100% biodegradable PLA polymers
  • Protect young hedging & trees against rabbits & other bark eaters.
  • Last for ~5 years in place.
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Perforated Bio-Spiral Guards for Saplings & Hedging

Spiral guards are effective against rabbits and other rodents nibbling through the trunks of young trees, and offer some protection against deer, which is sufficient for hedging. If your budget is tight, have a look at our cheaper plastic spiral guards.

Bio-spirals are made from PLA plant polymers (based on polylactic acid, which is usually made from corn, bamboo, wheat or sugar cane) that remain sturdy in the field, exposed to the elements for about 5 years. After that time, they begin to crack and fall to the ground, where they will slowly compost normally.
According to industry definition, they are a non-perishable product that is not biodegradable, but rather bio-based and compostable. As far as we can tell, this basically means that they decompose slowly like a bone, rather than relatively fast like wood.  

Because they are green, they stand out much less in the landscape than the clear plastic versions. Green light is reflected by leaves, and thus is not useful for photosynthesis anyway, so your plants will hardly be affected by the fact that the spirals aren't clear.

Every spiral needs a cane for support unless the plant is already staked or well established.

These are necessary to protect Hedging Plants and sapling trees. Use heavy duty tree guards for standard trees, large fruit trees or mature trees that you already have.


Health & Safety: Spirals are a disposable product made from recycled material for outdoor use. The manufacturing process can leave rough edges, so we advise care when handling. Professional planters mostly wear the cheap, light cotton work gloves with latex/rubber fingers and palms, or our excellent gardening gloves.