Yarlington Mill Apple Trees

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Misc Pollinator, Spur Fruiting
Pollination Group Pollination Group D
Fruiting Late Season
Type Cider / Perry

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Malus domestica Yarlington Mill

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A common sight in large scale cider orchards, Yarlington Mill is a very desireable cider apple. The medium sized, pale yellow fruit have firm flesh, which is best for getting the juice out, and a medium bittersweet flavour that manages to really express both the sweet and astringent elements - it has a great aroma too. It is classed as a vintage cider apple, so you don't need to combine it with any other fruit to make a full bodied, lip-smacking beverage. The tree grows at a fair pace and while it may take a year or two longer to start bearing fruit than most other varieties, once it gets into its stride it will bear really heavy crops. It does have a biennial tendency, however, producing bumper crops one year and less impressive amounts the next. The fruit drop from the tree readily when they are ripe, so you may want to put a net under the tree in October, when they are starting to ripen.

Pollination Partners for Yarlington Mill

If you plant Golden Hornet or Red-berried crab apple trees in your orchard, you can forget all about which tree pollinates what. If you would rather use a normal apple tree, then choose from any of the fertile trees in the Apple Tree Pollination list, ideally one that is in the mid-season group.

Yarlington Mill Rootstocks

The MM106 rootstocks that we use for our apple trees will produce a medium sized tree of 4-5 metres if grown as a half-standard or about 1 metre less if grown as a bush.

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