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The Best Thing for Plant Roots Since Soil

Rootgrow is so effective that it is as good as essential for planting perennial trees and shrubs, and bulbs, especially on poor or depleted soils. It didn't attain widespread garden use until the 1990's, but now everyone understands that boosting mycorrhizal fungi at planting time is extremely effective. They form a protective sheath over a plant's delicate feeding roots, and are necessary for making many soil nutrients available for absorption. You can think of them as a "third party stomach" for roots.

These fungi occur naturally, colonising tiny seedlings as they begin to grow, but they don't like being dug up, bumped around, delivered to you, and stuffed into new soil conditions. By thoroughly inoculating your plants' roots with rootgrow at planting time, you ensure that the fungi thrive and cover the roots from day one. Otherwise, it could take a long time for a useful amount of the fungi to find their way through the disturbed soil to your plants and re-establish themselves. 

How to make your rootgrow go further:

The recommended amounts on the packet are for best results, and using more than that will not help. However, if you are on a budget, the minimum effective dose you can get away with and still see real results is around 10-20% of the recommended dose on the packet, depending on the type of roots you are working with. You can especially skimp on it with tough shrubs, saplings and hedges planted in fertile, light soil, where the root systems, with their fungi, will join up along the row in no time anyway: it is better to give every hedge plant less than give some none. Still, we do recommend using the correct dose for fruiting plants, prized or expensive ornamental specimens, and if your soil is poor (but not more: it won't help).

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  1. For healthy plants & trees, if you only add one thing to the soil at planting time, use Rootgrow.
    Mycorrhizal fungi speed up root development.
    Available as:
    • Rootgrow 150g Pouch
    • Rootgrow 360g Gel Pack
    • Rootgrow 1Kg Gel Pack
    • Rootgrow 2.5Kg resealable tub
    From £6.00  Inc VAT

    • Mycorrhizal fungi enriched plant food
    • For use as a tonic or topdressing for established plants only
    • At planting time, use standard Rootgrow instead
    From £6.95  Inc VAT

    • 500g
    • Use 5g for small bulbs & corms
    • Use 10g for big bulbs & tubers
    • Improves flowering
    • Excellent for naturalising bulbs
    From £3.60  Inc VAT

    • 200g
    • For acid loving plants like blueberries
    • Makes a huge difference on poor soils
    • Improves water & nutrient absorption
    • Supports bumper crops
    • Reduces need for fertiliser
    • Protects plants from disease
    From £7.20  Inc VAT

  2. Meadow Seed Pack to encourage pollinating insects. Contains Rootgrow for fast establishment From £7.08  Inc VAT

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