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Nemesia, Blueberry Ice

Out of Stock

Nemesia, Blueberry Ice Nemesia Blueberry Ice Sundae From £4.98
Nemesia, Celebration

Out of Stock

Nemesia, Celebration Nemesia denticulata Celebration From £9.96
Nemesia, Confetti Improved

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Nemesia, Confetti Improved Nemesia Confetti Improved From £9.96
Nemesia, Easter Bonnet

Out of Stock

Nemesia, Easter Bonnet Nemesia Easter Bonnet From £3.66
Nemesia, Forest Fruits

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Nemesia, Forest Fruits Nemesia Forest Fruits Sundae From £6.98
Nemesia, Lavender Sherbet

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Nemesia, Lavender Sherbet Nemesia Lavender Sherbet Sundae From £4.98
Nemesia, Wisley Vanilla

Out of Stock

Nemesia, Wisley Vanilla Nemesia Wisley Vanilla From £4.98
A Nemesia Collection

In Stock

A Nemesia Collection Bundle of 3 Nemesia Varieties From £17.82

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Nemesias are sun loving, bushy little bedding plants whose colourful, scented flowers are on display for five or six months of the year. Historically, these mostly tender perennials have often been treated as annuals in the border, but with hardier varieties being introduced and the increased practice of covering plants with fleece in mid-winter, that is changing!

Grown in containers, they can be moved into shelter and be ready to flower early the following season. Treat them like alpine flowers while in bloom: they love a good watering in the growing season, but they also demand sharp drainage: standing in water will give them root rot.

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