Cheese and herb aigrettes

These miniature savoury doughnuts make a lovely canapé served with a glass of fizz, perhaps at a coronation celebration, or indeed if you want to mark National Doughnut Week which also falls this month (20-28th May). They’re a fun way of using fresh herbs in your cooking too. If you have one of those new-fangled… Continue reading Cheese and herb aigrettes

Herb-crusted lamb cutlets

Herb crusted lamb cutlets finished off in the oven and ready to eat

A lovely recipe for Easter Sunday lunch. We’ve taken to visiting our local butcher every Thursday (who incidentally we totally recommend as he does mail order – see The Thoroughly Wild Meat Company) and asking for his week’s recommendation for a treaty Sunday lunch. We have had some seriously delicious meals as a result, one… Continue reading Herb-crusted lamb cutlets

Silver Leaved Plants

Silver and white shimmer at Sissinghurst

Why Silver Foliage is a Winning Formula in Your Garden There’s nothing second rate about silver in the garden, whatever the season. In winter that sparkly foliage chimes spectacularly with frost and sub-zero temperatures, creating scenes of dazzling dynamism. In summer, bright sunlight glances off silver leaves, cooling and providing a shimmering foil to the… Continue reading Silver Leaved Plants

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