Planting Wallflowers (Video)

How to Plant Wallflowers (Erysimum)

After you order wallflowers from Ashridge Nurseries, the video below shows Andy, our Head Nurseryman, explaining how to plant them for spring flowering.


Today we’re going to plant wallflowers. So, the wallflowers you'll get from Ashridge Nurseries will have at least 20 seedlings in the pot. So depending on how you split them up, you'll get at least five or six good clumps out of the pot. So just as a precaution, we've soaked the wallflowers before we plant and have left them in the water for about 10 - 15 minutes.

Just un-pot them and gently tease them apart. It comes apart fairly easily. You can then tear them apart in half and if you want to get four good clumps from this pot and the next one, you can get a few more clumps, just kind of take it a little bit gentler.

Try and get at least two or three seedlings in each section. So now we’ve split the wallflowers up and have got six clumps of that one. That's a Primrose and this one's a White. So if you mix them up a little bit and then we'll start planting them. You don't need to go too far down. These are only about an inch, inch and a half deep. Get your fingers in and just put them in the hole.

The last job to do is to give them a good water-in. So they’re all planted and these wallflowers will get to about 20-30cms high and will then start to flower, and they’ll make a fantastic display in the spring.

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