Delivery of Big Trees Explained

Buying Big Trees: Winter Delivery Seasons Explained big trees

  • You can place your order for large sizes of tree now and we will deliver them barerooted in the winter season.
  • The winter season is usually November - March, depending on the weather.
  • We don't sell big trees in pots during summer.

Barerooted Large Trees are:

  • Easy to deliver, carry around and plant.
  • The best value for money.
  • Guaranteed for their first summer.
  • Most likely to establish successfully after you've planted them.

How to buy your Big Trees in Summer: Browse our Trees for Sale in Large Sizes

  • By reserving your big trees early, you will make sure that you get the trees you want before they sell out.
  • You can also choose your winter delivery date before a queue builds up.

Rootballed Trees: Certain trees need to be transported with a protective ball of earth around their roots. These "rootballed" trees are also delivered in winter, but with a longer delivery season: each plant's page will tell you exactly.

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