How to prune Clematis

How to Prune Clematis clematis

Pruning clematis is not as hard as people like to make out. However, all the clematis we sell will need pruning to some extent. Excluding herbaceous clematis, there are three pruning groups. They are easily identified and in all cases, pruning is simple.

So as to keep this as uncomplicated as possible we have written a separate page for each group:

Pruning Group 1 Clematis (sometimes called Group A).
Group 1 clematis include the Clematis species: alpina, armandii, cirrhosa, macropetala and montana.

Pruning Group 2 Clematis (sometimes called Group B).
Group 2 Clematis are easily identified because they include the early large-flowered forms that do most of their flowering in May and early June on stems made in the previous year. They are often double for the first flowering and single when they flower again later in the season.

Pruning Group 3 Clematis (sometimes called Group C).
Group 3 Clematis are pretty much all the rest. They are all clematis that that flower on the current year's wood. So it is a broad church, ranging from the Clematis species: orientalis, texensis, and viticella to the late, large-flowered hybrids. Irrespective of their differences these plants flower on this year's growth and that is the key.


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