Dogwood Shrubs

Dogwood Hedging

Dogwoods are grown for their range of brightly coloured bark that looks at its best around Christmas and into the new year. They are vigorous, versatile shrubs that do best in damper soils and are an important part of our range of hedging plants.

  • Red and Common dogwood are the cheapest/best for hedging.
  • Elegantissima, Gouchaultii, Midwinter Fire, Sibirica and Spaethii have bright red and/or orange bark.
  • Kesselringii (dark purple) and Flaviramea (gold) provide extra variety/contrast.
  • Cornus Mas (Cornelian Cherry) is a small, bushy tree that berries beautifully

We recommend you coppice the ornamental varieties every year in Spring for the best bark colour the following winter. The planting and delivery season for bareroot Dogwood hedge plants is between November and April.

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  1. Cornus sericea Flavimarea -Bareroot plants

    • Golden- Yellow young stems
    • Ornamental shrub
    • Max. Height: 3m
    • RHS AGM
    From £3.12  Inc VAT

    Out of Stock

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