Wallflower Seedlings

Wallflower Seedlings

Wallflowers have been popular with gardeners for longer than books record. They were loved by the Elizabethans and any wallflower with Bedder in its name is almost certainly Victorian in origin.

Reasons for this popularity include the fact that wallflowers are easy to grow, they fill a "flowering gap" at an awkward time and they go wonderfully well with spring flowering bulbs (especially tulips). Added to all this they are scented, make great cutting flowers and grow as well in containers as they do in borders and (of course) walls...

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    • Colour: Golden Yellow
    • Height: 35-45 cms
    • Scent: Excellent
    • Flowering: March - July
    • Delivery/Planting: October-November
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    Out of Stock - back soon

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