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Recipe: Banana&Blueberry ice cream

Fresh blueberries are on the supermarket shelves at the moment, and you should find them in the frozen aisles too.

But this recipe's best reward is when you use your own blueberries, harvested, frozen, and now enjoyed to the full.

Using just two ingredients, this dessert tastes far richer and more indulgent than you might expect. Overripe bananas are the secret!

Banana and blueberry ice cream A quick, easy, tasty and healthy
dessert? It's true!!

Quick, simple, tasty... and classy!

This recipe comes from our friends at The Devilled Egg Kitchen Academy. The Devilled Egg offers practical cookery courses and private lessons taught in a wonderfully relaxed setting in Clifton, Bristol.

If Bristol's not in easy reach, they also provide online recipe videos, where you can follow their professional chefs, step-by-step, and at your own pace. And a fantastic range of tutorials, demonstrations and tastings in both food and wine!

Ingredients (serves 4... but you might eat more)

  • 4 peeled and frozen bananas (overripe is best)
  • 300g frozen blueberries


  1. Take the bananas and blueberries out of the freezer and leave to gently thaw for just 10 minutes
  2. Pop in a food processor, or carefully use a hand blender, adding a little water for consistency
  3. And for a more elegant presentation, why not pipe into whiteware dipping bowls?

Serve with...

Kids! This recipe is so simple and fun, they can help you make it too. Yet it's still classy enough to make an appearance at a dinner party – when you can tell them all about those blueberries that you grew...

As ever, if you give any recipe a go, please do write back and tell us all about it!

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