Spring Planting of Aconites in the Green

Aconite Planting Advice aconites

Aconites in the green are aconites that were lifted while in leaf and sometimes also when in flower. The reason for this is that, as long as they are replanted within a fairly short time, they tend to settle in more quickly than their stored and dried equivalents. Aconite populations are are on the decline and so you should ensure that the tubers you buy are from stocks which have been cultivated specifically for lifting and resale (as ours are). Please do not buy plants that have been harvested in the wild.

Plants in the green do need to be handled and planted with care so they do not deteriorate. If you would like see more, browse our range of bulbs in the green. Remember you will need about 60-75 aconites per square metre.

So the important rules for planting bulbs in the green are as follows:

  • Aconites need soil that does not dry out. This is why they prefer a location that is sunny in winter but shaded in summer. Under deciduous trees is ideal.
  • The ground where they are to planted should be enriched with compost or other well rotted organic matter.
  • Prepare the planting site well in advance of delivery of your plants so everything is ready when they arrive. You want to get them planted as quickly as possible
  • Plant about 60-75 aconites per square metre; like most spring flowering bulbs they are best planted in drifts.
  • The tubers should be unpacked on receipt and not left in an airless container. Keep them in a cool and well ventilated place. Spray the tubers and foliage lightly with water to stop them desiccating before planting.
  • Aconites should be planted immediately as all bulbs in the green lose condition unless they are planted within 3 days of receipt.
  • Planted them at the same depth that they were growing before they were lifted; you can see where this was from the level at which the leaves change from white to green. Everything white was below soil level before lifting. If you are not sure then about 8-10 cms will be OK.
  • Winter aconites spread underground and so you want to plant them with room to grow.
  • Never cut or mow aconite leaves or stems until they have completely died back.
  • Lift, separate and then replant overcrowded areas immediately after flowering (just follow these instructions for replanting)

And if aconites are not for you, or maybe you do not fancy the quick planting needed for bulbs in the green, then why not have a look at the rest of our flowering bulbs which you can plant in autumn? 

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