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How to plant a Tree | Advice from Ashridge Nurseries
13 Oct 2016

How to Plant Bareroot Trees  This guide to planting trees is for those who like words. If you prefer pictures, you may find it helpful to watch video on how to plant a bareroot tree. All bare rooted trees (fruit or ornamental) need the same basic treatment before, during and after planting...

The best time to Plant Trees - Autumn
Georgina Robson 14 Oct 2017

Planting in Autumn It is only relatively recently that the emphasis on gardening has been to plant in spring. Before the current rash of gardening gurus all trying to find an angle, any gardener worth his/her soil knew that if you planted in the autumn, the following summer would see earlier and...

Planting Bare Rooted Plants
Julian Bosdari 18 Jul 2016

How to Plant Bare root plants Although this note is aimed mainly at planting hedging, all bare rooted plants whether they are seedlings, shrubs, soft fruit, fruit trees or large ornamental trees need the same basic treatment before, during and after planting. Follow these simple instructions an...

How to Plant Country Hedging
Julian Bosdari 18 Jul 2016

Hedge Planting - How to Plant a Country Hedge  If you have bought your hedging plants and are not sure what to do, then please watch the Ashridge Nurseries film on How to plant a Country Hedge - but if you prefer words.... Ready the Ground Remove competition for your hedging. Between...

Spacing Hedge Plants - Advice
Julian Bosdari 18 Jul 2016

Hedge Plant Spacing  If in doubt, 3 plants per metre is the ideal spacing for almost all hedge plants. Any plants that are an exception to this are noted on their product page. Bareroot Hedging Almost all bareroot hedging is planted at 3 plants per metre, 33cms apart. The only exception i...

How to plant a formal hedge - Film
Julian Bosdari 18 Jul 2016

How to plant a formal hedge Video Our video on planting formal hedging applies to all the famous garden hedge plants, like beech, yew, laurel, privet, hornbeam or box. These plants are sold bareroot in winter and pot grown during the rest of the year. You can plant pot grown stock at any time o...

Planting a Country Hedge Video - Advice from Ashridge Trees
Julian Bosdari 18 Jul 2016

Planting a Native Hedge Video This film applies to all the native country hedge plants. The plants in this video are from our Conservation Hedge mix, the government grant approved hedgerow for biodiversity. They thrive in poor soils and urban conditions. Country hedging is always delivered &...

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