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Medo Tree Pruning CompoundMedo Tree Pruning Compound

Medo Pruning Compound

Medo Tree Sealant 200mlPlant guarantee for 1 yearFeefo logo

The details

  • Makes a flexible but waterproof skin over tree wounds
  • Protects tree wounds after pruning or accidents
  • Helps to stop bacteria and fungi infecting or invading fresh wounds before they heal
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Medo Pruning Compound - 200ml

Medo Pruning Compound is used to create a flexible but waterproof seal over the cuts caused by pruning or other accidental damage to your trees. This seal protects the tree until it produces its own natural callus.

Medo Pruning Compound is also effective when you need to protect wounds in winter where frost is imminent.

Trees form a natural callus by growing bark over clean cuts and accidental wounds - this process is obvious on any tree which has had surgery a few years ago. 

However, before the callus grow, any cut is a potential point of entry for disease or fungal attack. The major threats here are:

  • Silverleaf which kills stone fruits such as plums and cherries (any tree with Latin name beginning Prunus)
  • the bacterial cankers (which can attack almost any tree)
  • and coral spot (which starts on dead wood but can then invade and kill living wood)

Re-apply annually until the bark has regrown.

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