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Fresh cut, premium grade non-drop Christmas trees delivered to your door.

Non-drop Christmas trees (Nordmann fir - Abies nordmanniana), will hold their needles indoors for 4-6 weeks depending on the level of central heating. Our Christmas trees are super premium grade (which is the highest grade available) and are wonderful value for money. The Nordmann fir which was first introduced into Britain in the mid 19th century, is a native of north east Turkey and Georgia, and is the No1 Christmas Tree in Europe. This tree is named after a Finnish zoologist Alexander von Nordmann, a Professor of Botany at Odessa. He also has a butterfly named after him - Parnassius nordmanni.

The reason that the Nordmann Fir is so popular is because of its beautiful symmetrical shape with strong, layered well-spaced out branches that allow you to display Christmas decorations at their best. The attractive shiny dark green needles - with a silvery underside are not sharp make it an ideal tree for all members of the family to decorate at Christmas time. With their distinct and beautiful shape and also their tendency to rarely drop their soft needles it has become an attractive choice for the festive season.

The Nordmann Fir can be quite a wide tree, so you will need a reasonable space to show this tree off to its best advantage - for a 6ft tree allow approximately 5ft.

We advise you to consider ordering your tree early as the Nordmann Fir will not drop its needles anytime soon. The Nordmann Fir will last approximately 4-6 weeks in good condition indoors and we recommend using a good water holding stand to make best of the potential of this beautiful Christmas tree.

Please Note

Unlike all of our other stock these are cut trees and have no root system (we do sell sapling Nordmann Firs, but as they are only 20cm tall you'll need a couple of years until they'll be fit for Christmas duty!)

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