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Monthly Archives: February 2013

  • Organic care of roses


    Organic care for roses

    There are organic alternatives to rose pest and
    disease control – including growing garlic!

    Roses, apart from being beautiful are also probably the most loved flower in British gardens - and one of the most useful. 

    Rose petals are commonly harvested for use in cosmetics, dried for pot pourri, or added to jams, syrup or water for flavour. You can also crystallise them for use as cake decorations.

    Rose hips contain more vitamin C gram-for-gram than oranges with even higher levels in the older heritage varieties. They can be used in jams, syrups and soups or just left on the plant as winter food for birds.
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  • Ancient and unusual fruits


    Unusual fruits - quince, fig and medlar

    If you fancy leaving the beaten track of apples, plums
    and the like, why not try growing some of these?

    Have you already tried your hand at growing popular orchard and garden fruit trees like apple, pear, plum and cherry?

    Has the thought already crossed your mind about growing something a little more peculiar. Something a bit more out of the ordinary, yet still a beautiful addition to the garden, and easy to care for?

    If so, here's a few facts on three ancient fruits – the fig, the quince and the medlar.

    Who knows, it just might give you a little encouragement to experiment!
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  • Recipe: Quick banana and blueberry ice cream

    Banana and blueberry ice cream A quick, easy, tasty and healthy
    dessert? It's true!!

    Fresh blueberries are on the supermarket shelves at the moment, and you should find them in the frozen aisles too.

    But this recipe's best reward is when you use your own blueberries, harvested, frozen, and now enjoyed to the full.

    Using just two ingredients, this dessert tastes far richer and more indulgent than you might expect. Overripe bananas are the secret!

    Quick, simple, tasty... and classy!
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  • A few garden jobs for February


    We're already heading towards the end of the planting season, and blooms are already appearing. Where does the time go?

    Plants are on the move, evenings are getting lighter – it feels like winter might be behind us, but we should never tempt fate!

    (oh, speaking of plants on the move, don't forget our March photo competition – the theme is ‘First flowers' and there's over £100 in vouchers to be had!)

    Here are a few ideas for things to do around the garden over the next couple of weeks:
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  • Recipe: Rhubarb chutney

    Timperley Early rhubarb Ripe Timperley Early rhubarb is
    available from growers now...

    Early forced varieties of rhubarb are in season – and if you've seen any on the farmers' market, it's probably Timperley Early.

    If you can find yourself a bunch or two, this rhubarb chutney recipe expertly combines some outstanding (and possibly surprising!) flavours.

    Chopped apples, dates, apple cider vinegar, muscovado sugar, onions... and a medley of spices including cumin, garam masala and chilli to give a genuinely exotic edge!

    Rhubarb never had it so good...
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