Cordon Fruit Trees

posted this on 18 Jul 2016

What is a Cordon Fruit Tree? cordon tree

Cordon fruit trees are single stemmed fruit trees pruned to create a close framework of stubby fruiting branches. They are ideal for growing in small spaces and/or against walls and fences. For detailed instructions have a look at our note on how to grow a cordon fruit tree.


  • Most apples & pears are spur-bearing and can be used as cordons.
    Some are listed as tip-bearing, these are not suitable for making cordons.

Save lots of space. Small final size. Your crop will be about 5-10 kilos.
One cordon can be used as a pollinator for a lonely big tree. Must be grown with support.
Cost effective option.  
You can grow a row of cordons to get a wide variety of different apples & pears.  

Growing Cordon Fruit Trees:

Cordons are grown diagonally from the ground, on wires.

If your soil is very rich, you can get away with planting cordons 60 cms apart. If your soil is a bit average, plant them 1 metre apart.

Pruning Apple & Pear Cordons:
Cordons have a special summer pruning regime that helps to keep them restricted. This is called the Modified Lorette System.

Browse the Apple Tree and Pear Tree sections - any spur bearing tree can be grown into a cordon from a maiden sized tree and many are available as ready made cordons.

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Your/our tree arrived in perfect condition this morning and was planted, fed, watered, staked, rabbit-guarded within a couple of hours. It looks really lovely and we are delighted with it: looking forward to enjoying it for many years. Thank you very much.Gill
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