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Beech Hedging - Clipping and Pruning beech hedge

The notes below apply to mature beech hedges in good condition that have reached or are near their final height.

Clipping and Pruning a Mature Beech Hedge

After the first two years formative pruning, your hedge should be well on its way to becoming a mature hedge. The advice below also applies if you have bought a property with an established hedge in good condition.

Overall Shape: Generally speaking, you are aiming to give your hedge a slightly tapered shape, a bit like this but with less steep sides: / \

  • The point of doing this is ensure that light can reach the lowest branches.
  • If these branches don't get enough light, they will produce fewer leaves.
  • If your hedge has a south facing side that gets full sun all day, then you can make that side vertical, like this: | \ where the left hand edge represents the south facing side and the north facing side is sloped as normal.

When to clip your mature beech hedge: A light clipping twice a year is all that's needed:

  • In Early June. This clipping keeps your hedge bushy.
  • In Early August. This clipping produces a late flush of new leaves - these are the leaves that will stay on the branches through winter.

If you need to prune out a branch for any reason, do this in winter when the tree is dormant.

We have a great selection of bareroot beech hedge plants for planting between November and March and potted plants for summer delivery.

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