Beech Hedging and Hedge Plants for Sale

Beech Hedging for Sale

Beech (Fagus sylvatica) is one of the best hedging plants in the UK. Both green and copper beech grow in most soils and locations. The main exceptions are ground which is badly drained and shady positions. These are very versatile hedge plants - beech is widely chosen for formal settings but it also makes a wonderful stock proof hedge planted on top of bunds and Devon banks where it loves the drainage and light. Beech hedging is livestock friendly, making it ideal for stables, studs and the like. Alternatively, take a look at the rest of our hedge plants. If your site is damp and/or shady, then instead of beech hedging we recommend Hornbeam instead.

  • Uses: Formal and stock-friendly hedges from 100 cms upwards
  • Good Points: Native, holds leaves in winter, clips beautifully
  • Position: Anywhere there is drainage and light

Beech FAQ's

There are more detailed answers in the advice section of this site, but here are some concise answers to the questions most usually asked about beech hedges:

Which colour Beech hedging is best?

Colour is so much a matter of personal preference that it is down to you. Copper is more dramatic, more expensive and probably adds more value. Green is an easier backdrop and so more versatile. Both colours hold their leaves equally well.

What planting density should I use?

Unless you need a stockproof hedge plant beech hedging at 3 plants per metre in a single row. So that is one plant every 33 cms. For a stock-proof hedge, planting will need to be in 2 staggered rows each with 3 plants per metre and with 40 cms between rows.

What size plants do I need?

We always say that the smaller the plant you start with, the denser the hedge you get as you are able to clip more frequently and carefully in its formative years than a commercial grower can. However, the price you pay is waiting longer. So 40-80 cms for the patient gardener and 80-150 cms for those of us with less time.

How do I plant a bareroot beech hedge?

It depends on the size of the plant you buy. Slit planting for 40-80 cms plants - follow the instructions in our video on how to plant a country hedge. You will need spirals and canes if you have rabbits nearby. The larger sizes will need trench planting - have a look at our video on formal hedge planting. Bigger plants are less attractive to rabbits, so it is your call as to whether you use spirals. Irrespective of size, we always recommend using Rootgrow. Water well after planting and make sure the soil does not dry out in the first summer. Keep the ground under your new hedge clear of weeds until the plants cast enough shade to prevent weed growth themselves. For more detailed notes, apart from watching the videos mentioned, have a look at our comprehensive advice on how to plant a beech hedge

How fast does beech grow?

Beech is not the fastest growing hedge. It will take a year to settle in during which time you will only see a little growth. After that, if left untrimmed, it grows at about 30 cms a year. Obviously, the more you trim it, the less its height will increase each year. But the more you trim, the bushier it gets. So there is a balance to be struck and assuming about 15-20 cms in the early years is probably about right.

Beech hedge pruning

If you were patient and trimmed it regularly in the early years, your beech hedge should not need more than a clip twice a year for the next 40-50 years. Come back and ask us what to do then! However, if you hedge is badly overgrown or poorly shaped then you may need to read our notes on remedial pruning.

How big does a beech hedge grow?

It is pretty much up to you. You can keep beech growing quite happily in a hedge only 100 cms tall. If you want something taller, then the other extreme is a hedge 30 metres tall - the tallest hedge in the world. There is only one of those, but it is possible...

Green Beech Hedge

Bareroot Beech Hedge Plants for Sale

You can buy Green Beech (Fagus sylvatica) and Copper Beech (Fagus sylvatica purpurea) singly in a wide range of sizes to suit every purpose and pocket and we also sell green beech in discounted packs of 50 in the larger sizes.

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    • Size sold: 40-175 cm
    • Hedge: 1m to very tall
    • Soil: dislikes poor drainage
    • Use: Formal/Native
    • Single Row: 3/m
    • Colour: green/brown
    • Great to add structure
    • RHS AGM
    From £1.20  Inc VAT

    • Sizes sold: 40-175 cm
    • Final Height: 1m to very tall
    • Soil: well drained
    • Use: Formal/Native
    • Single Row: 3/m
    • Double row: 5/m
    • Colour: purple
    From £2.82  Inc VAT

    Out of Stock - Ordering from mid-August 2020

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