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Lapins Cherokee™ Cherry Trees

Prunus avium Lapins Cherokee™Plant guarantee for 1 yearFeefo logo

The details

  • Sold as bareroot, normal trees or potted, mini patio trees.
  • Eating, dark
  • Self Fertile.
  • Pollination Group D.
  • RHS Award of Garden Merit
  • Crops in Late July.
  • RHS Award of Garden Merit
  • Bareroot Delivery: Nov-March
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Prunus Lapins Cherokee™ - Mid Season

Description of Lapins Cherokee Trees & Cherries:

Big, sweet dark cherries on a reliably self fertile tree. A great choice if you only have room for one cherry.

Lapins Cherokee cherry trees usually drop a lot of fruit while the cherries are still green - this is normal! You will still get a good crop in the end.

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  • Self fertile.
  • Pollination Group D
  • Crop in Late July.

Pollination Partners for Lapins Cherokee Cherries:
Lapins Cherokee will make good crops all by itself.
It also makes a good pollination partner for almost all of our other cherry trees: any tree in group C, D or E of our Cherry Tree pollination table.

Our Lapins Cherokee cherry trees are all grown on "Colt" rootstocks.
Maximum height 4 metres.

Growing Lapins Cherokee Cherry Trees:
Rich soil is important - dig in plenty of good manure and compost before planting.
Soil drainage must be good.
The more sun your trees get the better your crops will be.
Cherry trees are targets for birds, so netting them is a good idea.
Only prune cherry trees in Summer.

Did You Know?

This Canadian variety was introduced in 1984, bred from Van x Stella at the Summerland research station in British Columbia by Dr. Charles Lapins, who created Sunburst during the same project. 
Willie Duncan (1935-2022), the Apple King of Scotland, recommend Lapins as the best cherry for Scotland's colder East coast.

How Cherry Trees are Measured & Delivered:
Our bareroot fruit trees are delivered in up to 3 shapes, and you can buy selected varieties as mini patio trees.
Maiden: This unbranched tree is the smallest starting size. You can train maidens into the other sizes, as well as wall-trained fans.
Bush: This is a style of freestanding tree with a short trunk of about 60cm. It will grow to about 3 metres tall.
Half-Standard: This is a freestanding style that will grow into a full sized, "normal" tree, about 4-5 metres tall.
Mini Patio Tree: Only sold pot-grown, these use a dwarfing rootstock to drastically reduce the tree's vigour and restrict the mature size. They are suitable for large patio containers, and for small gardens where a normal-sized bush or half-standard form won't fit. 7.5 - 12 litre Potted Trees: These trees are not meant to be kept in pots. They will be fine for up to 12 months (until planted in the ground) as long as they are well watered (but not over watered).

Details about delivery sizesGuide to Fruit Tree Sizing.

What to expect

Bareroot plants


Bareroot plants have no soil around the roots. They are light, easy to carry and plant.

Perfect for Winter

The ground tends to be wet in winter, ideal for planting bareroot plants.

Value for money

You pay less for the same size bareroot plants, compared to potted.


Packaged by our experts and sent out by next day delivery.
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