Super Star Hybrid Tea Roses

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Colour Pink - Dark
Type Hybrid Tea
Also Good Repeat Flowering

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Super Star Hybrid Tea

Super Star roses have stood the test of time. Bred in 1960 they are still the best selling vermillion rose in the UK today and there is no real rival in sight. This is the most brilliant rose where a colour statement is needed. Super Star is the colour of the lipsticks in the early series of Madmen; it is the brightest orange-red and produces a succession of stately blooms on long stems that just beg to be cut. (And the more it is, the more it flowers). This is a strong growing rose reaching 4ft in the right position and generally pretty healthy. Occasionally it gets a bit of mildew towards the end of summer but we think this is a function of its terrific flowering effort combined with lack of moisture at the roots. It does not tend to happen in well prepared and well mulched rose borders.

Super Star is a real trier - a rose that just seems to keep flowering. However if it is not for you or if you want to find roses to plant with her, then take a look at the rest of our roses grown in the UK

Great for your garden

Like all hybrid tea roses, Super Star would opt for good soil in a nice sunny spot given the choice. However like most bush roses she will also settle for second best if necessary. It pays to remember that most border roses are grown on roots that are descended from some of the hardiest wild roses in the UK. So a bit of cold or a bit of wet is no real problem. Roses demand good light levels however. Super Star is big enough to look good in the middle of your rose border and we would recommend planted in a triangular group of three with 60-80 cms between the plants.

Rosa Super Star facts

  • Type: Hybrid Tea
  • Colour: Brilliant Vermillion
  • Flower shape: Classic Fully double
  • Fragrance strength: Good
  • Final height and spread: 4ft x 2ft
  • Flowering season: All summer
  • Repeat Flowering: Yes
  • Disease resistance: Good
  • How to plant Super Star Roses

    You can buy bareroot roses to plant from November to April, or container roses are available all year round.

    By Julian de Bosdari

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