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UK Grown, Ideal for Rockeries & Containers

Alpines are a diverse range of mountain plants that are adapted to cold, exposed locations, often with stony, poor soil, and therefore they thrive in rockeries and windowsill containers up on the 20th floor. A lot of them will grow trailing from brickwork, and some grow flat in recesses between paving. In general, they are low maintenance, drought tolerant perennials, and only need a decent amount of sun to keep them happy.

Our alpine range includes succulents, miniature conifers, and wildflowers that enjoy the same well drained conditions and look great planted together.

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  •    Alpines, Hardy Succulents & Wildflowers 
  •    Ideal for Rockeries & Containers
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Growing Alpines

As a general rule, alpines are very hardy and undemanding, unfazed by the extremes of snow covered winters and scorching summers. Give them a sharply drained position with a decent amount of full sun, water them while they establish as you would any new plant, and they will mostly take care of themselves once established with minimal trimming and tidying. 

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