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Apple Tree Pruning Courses

Do you have any apple trees that you wish you knew how to prune?
Do you find it frustrating trying to work out how to prune a mature tree from a book?

Our mates June & Neil down the road in Glastonbury have a company called the Orchard Pig that makes world class cider.

They also run workshops under the name Orchard Ground Force.

The courses are a day long and run from January - March each year.

They are only £50, which includes a tasty lunch of local goodies.

Their HQ is just outside Glastonbury & the practical part of the courses will be held in an orchard nearby - call them on 01458 850 154 to confirm the location for each course.

2 thoughts on “Apple Tree Pruning Courses”


    Can you please book me into the first available fruit tree pruning course.
    Thank you

    • julian

      Thanks for your enquiry about pruning fruit trees. These are actually not our courses, they are run by Orchard Pig and you can find more details at

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